Featured Author: Bruce Ewing

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"Coming Home"

Featured Author: Vernae Ewing

Bruce Ewing (the father) spent 28 years as a military chaplain. He has been
married to his wife, Valerie, for 42 years and is dad to Brecia and Vernae. A
teller of stories, his love for God and family is the catalyst for his writing.
Love healed his own heart, so he tells stories to inspire others to discover
the same grace he has received.


Vernae Ewing (the daughter) obtained her BS in Marketing and Masters in 
Business Administration. She traveled with her family to various military
bases throughout her childhood. Each military base provided wonderful
family opportunities to meet new people and learn about different cultures.
Vernae’s inspiration for writing came from listening to her father’s bedtime
stories from the Bible and adventure books.