“The Treasure Tree is a great story full of action and meaningful life lessons. As you
read the story, you become apart of the journey. I’m definitely looking forward to
the next installment in this series.”

-Lance T.    Shreveport, LA

“I’m calling The Treasure Tree the next Left Behind series. The book is laced with Biblical principles. The authors are thorough in their storytelling, and their attention to detail is impeccable. The characters in the story come to life with the turn of each page. I could not stop reading it. I had my toothbrush in one hand as I turned the page with the other. After completing the book, I
was left wanting the next book in the series...genius!!!!” This book will not
disappoint an easy read for the youngest to the most avid readers.”

-Beverly H.    Houston, TX

The Treasure Tree is full of adventure and suspense. I enjoyed reading this book for application and to learn examples of how to improve my life. This book has so many biblical principles, with lessons learned from life experiences (at least for me). I really enjoyed following the biblical principles embedded within the stories. This is a great book for those who love to read adventures while appreciating the biblical principles. Great Read!

​-  C. Taylor Sr.

This book is a must-read for all audiences. For the more mature and seasoned audience, it offers scenarios in which one can relate to in similar circumstances. It is packed with many life lessons in which Biblical application was apparent. For the younger audience, it shows how life offers many choices but also that choices affect our God-ordained destiny.
I have personally recommended The Treasure Tree as a read for my Sister's Keeper Women's ministry book club as well as for our teen youth ministry summer reading program.
This book is evident that the authors, Bruce and Vernae Ewing should continue to share with the world the richness of their literary gift.

- Barbara Wilson,  
South Carolina

“What a gift you had to write a story that grabs every sense of emotions. I’m really not a big reader, but I truly couldn’t put it down. From a man’s perspective I would have to say it’s a must read for every young
man and old alike about living for the Lord with unwavering trust and integrity, with all your heart soul and might! Can’t wait for the next book!”

-Greg B.    Shreveport, LA

“After reading The Treasure Tree, I found the book to be very interesting. It is
the kind of book where once you start reading you want to find out what
the next chapter is about... very applicable!”

-George D.    Houston, TX

An easy read for the youngest to the most avid of readers, The Treasure Tree is filled with biblical principles that stay with you. The authors, Bruce and Vernae, are thorough in their storytelling, and the way they describe the tree house and its content is impeccable. With each turn of the page, the characters come to life with a blend of suspense and sweet romance. I was so engaged in the book, I found myself talking out loud to the characters. (Don’t judge. You may find yourself experiencing the same thing.) I could not stop reading this book. After completing The Treasure Tree, I was left wanting the next book in the series … genius!!! This book will not disappoint.

​- Beverly H.